What is magnesium aspartate? It is a mineral salt from Mg, the symbol for magnesium. This is oftentimes employed to treat individuals like me who have very low levels of magnesium in the blood.


Magnesium Aspartate Benefits

The moment I was brought to the family doctor for check up is the exact time that I discovered that I have magnesium deficiency. The doctor advised that I take in magnesium supplements to make up for the deficit.

The family doctor informed me that there are a lot of benefits that I can derive from the intake of magnesium supplements. He enumerated four advantages for me and my body.


The Usual Benefit

First, the family doctor mentioned the main reason why I am taking magnesium supplements: to provide a continuous source of magnesium in my body. This, according to the doctor is a very important nutrient because it is involved in maintaining bodily functions. Some of the specific body parts that are in need of such mineral to function are nerves, muscles, bones and of course, the heart.

Also, the presence of aspartic acid in the supplement ensures that mineral contents are transported into my blood stream.


Magnesium Supplements Boost Energy

Second, the doctor told me that if I follow the suggested daily requirement of magnesium supplements, my energy level will be improved. He also mentioned that taking magnesium tablets can support development both in stamina and strength.


Magnesium Supplements Are Digestible

The family doctor also informed me that when I buy this supplement in amino acid chelate form, my body and blood will find it easy to absorb the mineral because it is completely palatable.


Magnesium Supplements Aid Enzyme Regulation

The presence of magnesium supplementation in my body allows proper regulation of enzymes, estrogen for example, that is essential for reproduction.


Proper Dosage Of Potassium Magnesium Aspartate

Some other information that the family doctor gave me answered my question on how much of the supplement must be taken daily. The doctor gave me too much, but useful information about the right dosage for different ages.

These dosages include the upper limits or the maximum amount of magnesium aspartate supplement that must be taken daily.


The Right Dosage For Babies And Toddlers

For very young people such as babies and toddlers, the upper limit is 65mg. The youngster should not be given more than this amount to avoid overdose.


The Recommended Dosage For Young Children

For children who belong to the age group four to eight years old, the upper limit of the magnesium supplement dosage is 110mg.

The Advised Dosage For Adults

For children aged nine and adults like me, a maximum of 400mg of magnesium aspartate supplement is enough for one day.


Doctor’s Advice On Magnesium Potassium Aspartate

The family doctor also gave me some useful advice to cure magnesium insufficiency in my body.


Consult A Professional

First of all, I was told to always consult with a doctor before purchasing zinc magnesium aspartate. The doctor mentioned that one product may work well with my siblings, but this might not be good for me.


Always Eat Healthy Foods

DymagCastMagnesium5SpokeFrontGoldThe doctor also advised me to eat magnesium-rich foods such as legumes, vegetables, and whole grains.

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